Wednesday, September 29, 2004


While trying to find out how many millions of well spent cash was going into the new wembley stadium i found THIS and thought you might be interested. Its a live feed of the construction process. Although i think you could pick up a better quality web cam from argos for under a tenner its ok. But for now you can enjoy the construction site that is WEMBLEY!

Work Night Disaster

Well last night at work (ilkley golf club) I was once again the laughing stock of the club. Why I hear you cry?? Look at the last posting!
Anyway so while serving one of the 90 ladies last night and after they had all asked me what had happened ( guesses ranged from car accident, Falling from a great height and my boss). Anyway when I told one lady her reply was:
"bloody hell that was you....I saw the ambulance outside and it was my son who looked after you" - Bollocks!!!!!
God knows what state I was in, last thing I need is more people to apologize to. Ahh well life goes on

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Never a Quite night out!!!

The picture you see here is of me after Saturday night. I went to the Olympic dinner dance at Ben Rhydding Hockey Club. The night was a great success until I did this. I just went out for some fresh air and then all of a sudden....... WHACK!!! Bloody hell it hurt. (I think) It hurts now anyway. Been knocked unconscious has the added bonus of meaning I lost pretty much all the pain. However I lost all memories after about 11pm as well! Ha oh well. I think this post needs a quote from my trusty friend Andrew Driver. On hearing the news his response was:

" Oh for fuck sake Ric can you not go out get pissed and just wake up with a hangover like every other Bugger!!! "

After a fight with a pile of bricks this is what happens to you. Believe me it aint a good idea Posted by Hello