Saturday, October 30, 2004

Train Journeys!!! - An experience

Surly we have all done a long distance train journey. But have you ever really taken a look around. While visiting dear old mumsy i had to change at Manchester Picadilly. Recently modernized the station is very nice. However it wasn't the architecture i was looking at. it was more the people. I dont think you could go anywhere else in the world and see such a huge variety of different people in such a small space! Some examples:

  1. Within 2 yards of each other was the snobbiest most expencive looking first class passenger and a tramp. Stinking looking pretty revolting and generally been a nusence! But standing side by side
  2. I saw 2 rabbies one gospal preacher and a dead pigeon
  3. I swear i saw the world fattest women
  4. Tony from dinner ladies - Sat opposite him on the train home
  5. Saw people addiced to gamblers
  6. Heard at least 5 languages - English, French, German, Scouse and I think the 5th was Punjabi but i cant be 100% sure
  7. there were people ranging from a couple of weeks old to the old dear who really needs new glasses because shes waiting for the train on the Platform with a big "CLOSED YOU DOZY COW" sign on it
  8. Theres mums and dads, brothers and sisters aunties and uncles and some daft perv listening to some german punk music while enevitably about to get arrested due to the fact hes quite openly talking about under age girls! - You know who you are!!!!

Anyway just a thought. Next time your in the station have a look around. Its actually quite aazing


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