Friday, December 24, 2004

Ric's Funky Facts!

Rseercah at Cbramgide uivrenitsy has sowhn taht it deons’t mtater waht oderr the ltetres in a wrod are, Yuor bairn rades it aynawy povriidng the frist and lsat ltetres are crorcet!

Wow! I think that really cool, The theory is that as long as all the letteres are there and the first and last letters are correct then you brain puts tham all in the right order for you!

The Staff Do, (Or Ex-staff as many of us are)

Well working for YORKSHIRE SOUL is usually pretty fun, But the staff night was something special...I Think?

After arriving fashionably late we all sat down for a meal, Which in keeping with usual standerds was delicious. YS provided and entertaing speech however i was a little upset to lose some of the handouts.

I provided a minimal amount of entertainment through my singing although i find it much harder to sing infront of 20 people i know than i do to 300 people i dont. I dont think anyone complained of lasting damage and so the night continued.

But then the drinking began. It was all going well, Everyone was having a laugh and Becca hadn't been sick yet. I was surprisingly sober and a bit alarmed by the prospect of finishing the night in a respectable state i "borrowed" some of Mick's Absinth. FUCK ME! Next thing i know i was slaugtered!!! There was no drunk stage, I was Sober then hammered! Weird but kinda fun, After a converstaion with YS today i believe i have retained my job it could all be a ploy though!

I have to say a big Thank You to YS and Mrs YS for having us, and also to claire who saw that i got home OK.

**Ric's Review - PANTO - Dick Whittington**

Well its christmas time and like every other year i quite happily went along to the local Panto at Bradford's Alhambra. The show was again fronted by local man Billy Pierce who is well becoming known as the best in the bussines and he lived upto expectations, Other stars included Carolynne Good from Fame Acedemy and Paul Usher, As Dr Rat. The show had only been open a couple of days when I went to see it and in true Panto style it was apparent. I think Panto is the only show you can go see and you pray for Cock-ups. Many a line was forgotten and improv was very... Risque!

Billy pierce is the life and soul of this Panto as the audience follow him through his journey, He really gets both the kids and the adults going and his mixture of jokes for the kids and for the adults was spot on. I would think you would struggle to see a better performer this christmas. Carolyyne Good impressed but was obviously low on Panto experience however she wasn't left behind.

If there was one thing that spoilt the show it was bloody postman Pat!!! What the hell was he doing there?? It was just weird! I hope the Alhambra are making a hell of a lot of money from advertising him because he sure dont add to the Panto. I would really recomend this years Panto its by far the best in the last few years.

Ric's Star Rating *****

Quiz Results Week 1

Hello there to all you merry quizers, I must apologise for the delay in the results i have been way to busy recently and ergo by blog has been neglected. However here i am back again and below you will find the answers to last weeks quiz and the current leader board.


  1. 50 States in America (This is correct!!!!)
  2. 1440 Minutes in a Day
  3. 6 Points for Potting the Pink in Snooker
  4. A Zip
  5. Colchester
  6. The U.S.A and it was 4oz
  7. Police/Immigration officers
  8. Sol Cambell, from Totenham on a free
  9. Charles Kennedy, Eastenders,
  10. 30p lasts you 15mins.

Total out of 15


  1. JENNA.A 12 Points
  2. SARAH.C 11 Points
  3. Y.S 7 Points

There will be a new quiz posted shortly and remember the leaderboard is ongoing so its never to late to join.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Racism and "That Word"

Last night i was unfortunate enough to watch a program on Ron Atkison as he tried to prove he was not a racist. hmmm? I am undecided. It all boils down to the question if you say nigger are you a racist? I find that many people ofton tell racist jokes because they do have a certain amount of humour in them. These may be offencive but does that make that person a racist? I think there is a fine line between political correctness and Racism. Ron Atkinson had said something when he was believed to be off air. He was unlucky that his mic was live and it was broadcast. There was no humor in the statement and his comment was offensive. Ron tried to claim that although he realises that the word in question is offensive he only believed it to mean a black man. Its fair enough to a certain degree. I had a similar based conversation with my late grandpa who claimed it was ok for him to call people niggers because when he grew up it was acceptable. I can tell you know he wasn't a racist!

Ron was proving his point well untill it appeared that he had done it before when he was commentating on England V's cameroon in the 80's. "I wonder if is mum is wathing him somewhere up a tree?" (or words to that effect). Stupid Idiot. Once can be put down to bad luck at the wrong time in the wrong place. But to do it twice!!!! They say whats in your heart comes out of your mouth. Is ron atkinson a racist? No i dont think so. I think he makes comments on coloured people because he can and like every othewr person who has done it there is some humor to some of it. Can anyone honestly say they have not said something racist? or told a rasict joke, or even laughed at one. I'll put my hands up i have. That doesn't make me a rasict though!

I apologise if this blog has caused offence in anyway. If it has please leave a comment and i will try to correct things.

Friday, December 10, 2004

**Rics Quiz Week 1**

Now obvioulsy you can google alot of the questions in a quiz However i will try to give questions which cannot be googled! All answers to and a weekly leader board will be put up, now i'm averaging 8 readers a day that could be quite interesting. So each week there will be a general selection of questions, some puzzle, some general knowledge, sport e.t.c

The following 3 questions are all like the following example:

Q: 7 D in a W

A: 7 DAYS in a WEEK

Make sence?... off you go then

Q1: 50 S in A

Q2: 1440 M in a D

Q3: 6 P for P the P in S

General Questions next:

Q4: What would you find on your person 99% of the time with letters YKK?

Q5: Which UK city has reportedly sold more Mince pies than any other in the uk?

Q6: In which country recently did two drug dealers ask police for help to find their stash of marajuana? And for an extra bonus point how much did they say they had lost?

Q7: For the same price as giving everyone in the UK an ID card the government could instead afford 8000 what?

Q8: What is the name the premiership footballer whos brother has been in court recently for assault. And for a bonus point how much did he cost his current club for his services? And for a further bonus point from what club did he move from?

Q9: Which politician will appear in a popular soap this christmas? 2 points avaiulable for the name and the soap?

Q10: what is the minimum payment in a BT phone box? And for a bonus point how long will it last you for a standered mainland call?

Good luck all!

The Taps Quiz

Every week and a few of my butch mates go down to the cheapest pub in town for the pub quiz! So what does a team consisting of 4 mass murderes and 3 war lords call them selves???

Ok so you might of guessed that actually i play with the girls, but from a guys point of view its awesome! Now we usually do quite well at the quiz. In the past we have came 3rd, 2nd and have won a total of 3 bottles of wine in the spot prize! not bad really i dont think to say our combined team age is probably less than 1 member from the teams in the other room! Last night we scored a respectable 43 out of 60. Some weeks we might of won something, but this week we lost out to third in the tiebraker question. Oh and incidently if the stupid girlys listened to me we would of got 44 points and joint second, The answer to the tiebreaker also was 1995, i said 1988, Quite a way off i hear you cry! But not as far off as bloody 1977!!!!! I tell you males are the superior race you should learn you trust us? However it would not be fair to be so sexist so a hello to the rest of team (Sarah's P and C, Jenna, rachel and the newbie Izabelle)
I'll post our results every week as well as my own quiz.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

**Ric's Review - GIG - Will Young**

OK yes i know i went volinteraly rachel! I would be lying if i said i didn't enjoy seveal aspects of wills music. I am after all a fan of certain pop. But anyway the concert:

Will had managed to pack out the Hallam FM areana in Shefield however when will support acts realise that this crowd is not here to see them. I know its the best way to get spotted and i have no problem with support acts and i often enjoy the live music, However when acts start to get cocky and say " We know you only came here to see us" I was tempted to shoot one of the singers in the face! However supporting was Some chospol choir band called Raymond & co. Not to bad untill they started preaching! That really pisses me off. I have no problem with people having there own beliefs but i think to shove em in your face is a bit much! They struggled to get "their" crowd going and didn't really impress!

Anyway after a short breakl when more people piled into the arena Will finally did start. I have to say the whole show was very coriographed and that disapoinrs me a bit. I like to see singers ad hoc. Do what they want, let everyoone know they are having a good time, but fair enough its manufactured pop so haven't any room to complain.

Will had changed quite a few of his older songs which just led to much confusion in the audience however he just about got away with it. There was also a competiton Will was running, The audience had to guess which member of the band was from sheffield! Now c'mon there were 20 people on stage and it started to get a bit tedious as the same fat women in the front row just kept answering the same person! It turned out 2 members where from sheffield and the whole comp was a joke but this started to sum up the night! Will made 5 costume changes ( fairenough i know he's gay!) and was off stage more than on! He didn't really comminicate with the audience except when he couldn't get the top off his bottle of water and when he was flying low. I might sound a bit harsh but i think he has the ability to have made the night a lot more rememberable! Sorry Will

Ric's Star Rating **

Monday, December 06, 2004


John and Jessica are on their way home from the bar one night when John gets pulled over by the police. The officer explains that he was stopped because his brake light was out. ‘I’m very sorry officer,’ says John. ‘I didn’t realize - I’ll get it fixed right away.’Just then, Jessica says: ‘I knew this would happen. I told you two days ago to get that light fixed.’ So the officer asks for John’s licence and, after examining it, says: ‘Sir, your licence has expired.’ And again John apologises, saying that he hadn’t realised and that he will take care of it first thing in the morning. Then Jessica says: ‘Typical. I told you a week ago that the state had sent a letter telling you your licence had expired.’ By this time, John is a bit upset with his wife and shouts: ‘Jessica, will you shut up!’ The officer leans towards Jessica and asks: ‘Does your husband always talk to you like that?’ And Jessica replies: ‘Only when he’s drunk.’

3 Comments - Ricssite makes a name for itsself

Only just this very second have i noticed that my blog on poker got 3 hits!!! Amazing, Not only that but they where from 3 different people!!!! I thought YS was doing well with 10 comments but it turned out to be a conversation between YS and Wossername! So look out Ebay, Google and MSN, Expect to see Ricssite.blogspot heading to the top of the most visited websites in the world!

Ukraine - A Saga!!

Now i dont know if you are or are not aware of the political situation in Ukraine. But it stinks, A political scandel ruled by a biased and fixed voting system, So apt then that the next eurovision song conest will be held here! Just what this already fixed singing contest needed!

On a further note. The english cricket association announced that if the Ukraine government started to use political propoganda and decided to starve over 50% of the population to ensure people voted how the government wanted then The English 1st team would be on the 1st plane over for a test match!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Poker and women - The Update

Oh my god, I thought it was bad before but it just gets worse!! I just had to answer the following question:

" whats 3 of a kind?"

Now i could understand if the question was whats a full house? but 3 of a kind!!!

Then i went out of the room for 10 mins and i came back and the girlys asked out how do we finish?? WHAT?? they just kept raising and raising untill i came back. I'm going to a will young concert tonight and i feel that this might be the highlight of my evening !!! o dear!

Poker and women!!!!

Now you may or not know thati am a bit of a poker player. My girlfriend, sarah, felt a bit left out and wanted me to teach her and her three best mates to play. Now if you wanna know how its goin well this is how... i have given up and decided to update my blog. But before i finish i thought i'd let you know how it went. Sarah said that she didn't like the idea of bluffing because it was lying! Jenna just lost to pocket aces to a straight... Or what was thought to be a straight it was actually only A 2 3 4 !!! Am i a bad teacher or are women just really hard to teach?? I just dont know. I'm not being sexist but it really seems like women cant pick this game up easily!! Sorry to Sarah jenna rachel and sarah c if this has offended!