Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Racism and "That Word"

Last night i was unfortunate enough to watch a program on Ron Atkison as he tried to prove he was not a racist. hmmm? I am undecided. It all boils down to the question if you say nigger are you a racist? I find that many people ofton tell racist jokes because they do have a certain amount of humour in them. These may be offencive but does that make that person a racist? I think there is a fine line between political correctness and Racism. Ron Atkinson had said something when he was believed to be off air. He was unlucky that his mic was live and it was broadcast. There was no humor in the statement and his comment was offensive. Ron tried to claim that although he realises that the word in question is offensive he only believed it to mean a black man. Its fair enough to a certain degree. I had a similar based conversation with my late grandpa who claimed it was ok for him to call people niggers because when he grew up it was acceptable. I can tell you know he wasn't a racist!

Ron was proving his point well untill it appeared that he had done it before when he was commentating on England V's cameroon in the 80's. "I wonder if is mum is wathing him somewhere up a tree?" (or words to that effect). Stupid Idiot. Once can be put down to bad luck at the wrong time in the wrong place. But to do it twice!!!! They say whats in your heart comes out of your mouth. Is ron atkinson a racist? No i dont think so. I think he makes comments on coloured people because he can and like every othewr person who has done it there is some humor to some of it. Can anyone honestly say they have not said something racist? or told a rasict joke, or even laughed at one. I'll put my hands up i have. That doesn't make me a rasict though!

I apologise if this blog has caused offence in anyway. If it has please leave a comment and i will try to correct things.


Blogger Yorkshire Soul said...

I always remember watching test matches as a kid, England getting a spanking from the Windies, and there were always blokes up trees then.

What annoys me is the this bloke is being given such a hard time because he's a celebrity, that means we can make him the target of chat show and radio phone-ins, there is afar worse racism going on all around us, but it's not conveniently on the telly, so we can ignore it.

December 15, 2004 at 4:03 PM  

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