Friday, December 10, 2004

**Rics Quiz Week 1**

Now obvioulsy you can google alot of the questions in a quiz However i will try to give questions which cannot be googled! All answers to and a weekly leader board will be put up, now i'm averaging 8 readers a day that could be quite interesting. So each week there will be a general selection of questions, some puzzle, some general knowledge, sport e.t.c

The following 3 questions are all like the following example:

Q: 7 D in a W

A: 7 DAYS in a WEEK

Make sence?... off you go then

Q1: 50 S in A

Q2: 1440 M in a D

Q3: 6 P for P the P in S

General Questions next:

Q4: What would you find on your person 99% of the time with letters YKK?

Q5: Which UK city has reportedly sold more Mince pies than any other in the uk?

Q6: In which country recently did two drug dealers ask police for help to find their stash of marajuana? And for an extra bonus point how much did they say they had lost?

Q7: For the same price as giving everyone in the UK an ID card the government could instead afford 8000 what?

Q8: What is the name the premiership footballer whos brother has been in court recently for assault. And for a bonus point how much did he cost his current club for his services? And for a further bonus point from what club did he move from?

Q9: Which politician will appear in a popular soap this christmas? 2 points avaiulable for the name and the soap?

Q10: what is the minimum payment in a BT phone box? And for a bonus point how long will it last you for a standered mainland call?

Good luck all!


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