Friday, December 24, 2004

**Ric's Review - PANTO - Dick Whittington**

Well its christmas time and like every other year i quite happily went along to the local Panto at Bradford's Alhambra. The show was again fronted by local man Billy Pierce who is well becoming known as the best in the bussines and he lived upto expectations, Other stars included Carolynne Good from Fame Acedemy and Paul Usher, As Dr Rat. The show had only been open a couple of days when I went to see it and in true Panto style it was apparent. I think Panto is the only show you can go see and you pray for Cock-ups. Many a line was forgotten and improv was very... Risque!

Billy pierce is the life and soul of this Panto as the audience follow him through his journey, He really gets both the kids and the adults going and his mixture of jokes for the kids and for the adults was spot on. I would think you would struggle to see a better performer this christmas. Carolyyne Good impressed but was obviously low on Panto experience however she wasn't left behind.

If there was one thing that spoilt the show it was bloody postman Pat!!! What the hell was he doing there?? It was just weird! I hope the Alhambra are making a hell of a lot of money from advertising him because he sure dont add to the Panto. I would really recomend this years Panto its by far the best in the last few years.

Ric's Star Rating *****


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Hello Richard
I agree with you.
Love from your secret admirer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

January 3, 2005 at 6:01 PM  

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