Friday, December 24, 2004

The Staff Do, (Or Ex-staff as many of us are)

Well working for YORKSHIRE SOUL is usually pretty fun, But the staff night was something special...I Think?

After arriving fashionably late we all sat down for a meal, Which in keeping with usual standerds was delicious. YS provided and entertaing speech however i was a little upset to lose some of the handouts.

I provided a minimal amount of entertainment through my singing although i find it much harder to sing infront of 20 people i know than i do to 300 people i dont. I dont think anyone complained of lasting damage and so the night continued.

But then the drinking began. It was all going well, Everyone was having a laugh and Becca hadn't been sick yet. I was surprisingly sober and a bit alarmed by the prospect of finishing the night in a respectable state i "borrowed" some of Mick's Absinth. FUCK ME! Next thing i know i was slaugtered!!! There was no drunk stage, I was Sober then hammered! Weird but kinda fun, After a converstaion with YS today i believe i have retained my job it could all be a ploy though!

I have to say a big Thank You to YS and Mrs YS for having us, and also to claire who saw that i got home OK.


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