Friday, January 28, 2005

**Rics Quiz week 4**

Hello all! This weeks quiz is a bit different. I require an email from all the entrants. In this email i will require your name and... The number of points that you have already earned that you would like to gamble. When i recieve this email each entrant will recieve a unique question by which they have to answer next friday!!! In the unlikely event that i have some new entants then you automatically have 5 points!

Ebay update!

Now as you know ebay is one of my favourite websites. You can sell pretty much anything. This week i managed to sell my soul for £3.20! Wahooo. But the big story on Ebay this week is of course mine and Johnny P's attempt to earn a few extra bob! So what did we do? well we both put in £10 and decided to raid the charity shops of ilkley in search of some beauties we could sell on ebay for a bit of profit. This is how we are doing so far:

2 Brass masks Comedy/Tragedy
Bought for £3.50
Sold for £6.99 (inc P&P)
Total Profit £1.22

1 Holy Grail (has to be seen to be believed LOOK!)
Bought for £3.25
Selling for £0.01
Total Profit TBC

1 Pheasant pewter Broach by A R BROWN
Bought for £2.99
Sold for £3.20 (inc P&P)
Total Profit -£0.09

1 Princess Diana/Prince Charles Commerative dish (LOOK!)
Bought for £6.99
Selling for £0.01
Total Profit TBC

1 Cherished teddies **NEW** Named Suzanne
Bought for £3.50
Yet to be sold

I think it is quite clear we will be lucky to get our money back!

**Rics quiz week 3...RESULTS**

Now then now then now then. Hope you've all had a good week. Its time for wots becoming a weekly blog. 1st up quiz results. There was a gain a distinct lack of entrants this week but it does meen that it is getting very close at the top of the table.


  1. Gentlemen only ladies forbiddon
  2. 9 Spades 9 Clubs
  3. The oceons
  4. Sandra Bullock
  5. Its Scotland with the most popular drink been Irn Bru
  6. It was a Feather and a hammer
  7. Bowling, 3 strikes in a row, and the other 7. was TRUE
  8. He was not born in the US
  9. Orion
  10. 2 4 1

I do apologise for the 2 number 7's but all is good. The top 2 entrants this week where Jenna with 7/13 and Sarah C with an impressive 11/13. How does this effect the leader board??

  1. Sarah.C 26
  2. Jenna 25
  3. YS 7

Next weeks quiz has a slight twist to it!

Friday, January 21, 2005

**Rics Quiz week 3**

Here is the 3rd instalment to Rics quiz. Jenna pulled ahead of sarah by another 2 marks last week but its still very close!

Q1) What does GOLF stand for?

Q2) With what 2 hole cards did Phil Helmuth win the main event in the world series of poker?

Q3) Globally what is the most commen form of biome?

Q4) Which American movie star donated $1 million to the tsunami appeal?

Q5) Which is the only country in the word where coca cola is sold but is not the most popular soft drink? For a bonus point what is the most popular drink in that country?

Q6) What where the 2 objects dropped on the 1st visit to the moon to reconstruct a very famous physics experiment?

Q7) In what sport might you get a turkey and what is it? (2marks)

Q7) True of false? If Bill Gates dropped a $100 bill and he had to stop working to pick it up he would lose less if he just left it and walked away?

Q8) Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot run for president of the USA for what reason?

Q9) Robert Crais and Ed Mcbain's books are published by whom?

Q10) The Generous Pionnear pub in Burley is swapping from a Tom Cobleigh to what kind of pub?

**Rics quiz week 2ish...RESULTS**

Ok Ok so these weeks quiz was hard and i presume thats why i lost 33% of my entrants but still those who entered had a valient effort and here are the answers and results:

  1. Lions main Jelly Fish - This jelly fishes tenticles can grow upto 200ft long where the blue whale is on average a mere 109ft
  2. 10,000km - This is the latest information after new studies on tagged whales. Along way i know. Bloody annoying if your only 1km away though!
  3. I will give a mark for car. I was told a people carrier but other sources say different things i will therefore not be too harsh on the marking
  4. The horse shoe crab - Interstingly this animal's blood was used by nasa to make sure all the equipment on the mars missions was free from microorganisms so that the robots didn't get incorrect readings.
  5. Algae - Trees would have been to obvious surly! Infact did you know the most mature trees actually use more oxygen than they produce!
  6. Antarctica - This was a bit of a silly one! The antarctic is actually surrounded by seven different sea's
  7. 151- this leaves you requiring 180 from your next 3 darts and 170 from your last 3.
  8. Las Vegas - Although i have to honest it has just started a new series and the sponcer has changed. Sorry if that confused you.
  9. Wc - Leeds station called there new platform W. Wa and Wb where fine but Wc was always really busy!
  10. Chui - Big cat week is awesome. I really reccomend it to you when it comes back!

So where does that leave the leader board?

  1. Jenna.A 18 points
  2. Sarah.C 15 points
  3. YS 7 points

Wheres the snow??

We ever so nearly had some snow this week. But of course there was no hope that it would settle. It bears the question why not? Now with out sounding too old i remember when i was 8 or 9 i'd have been out sledging a fair few times by now. Also every year without fail up till my 10th birthday it would snow on my bithday (15th Fecb) Ever since then nothing. Now i'm not trying to suggest there is a problem because it hasn't snowed on 1 day of the year but surly it isn't just me who's noticed that winters are becoming warmer and wetter. Is global warming noticiable now? I think so. However it could just be the case that we've all heard about it and therefore we start believing its getting warmer. But 2 years ago there was temperatures of over 100 degrees F in the UK (The highest ever recorded) and in November 2000 there were some of the worst floods on record in York. In fact many areas have reported 2 or 3 one in 1oo year floods within the space of 10 years. Even the River Wharfe has flooded twice over the past 3 years. It could be a total coincidence and that there will be no more flooding like this for 100 years but it seems doubtful to me. I can't imagine next winter there will be no serious flooding within the UK. Yet still even now there seems to be little done about it. The biggest producer of CO2 in the world is the USA. However will Bush do anything about it? Will he bollocks! And why? Because it will harm the economy! I'm sorry what? You can tell all the third world countries to stop burning fossil fuels and that they must be more economical. You tell them to spend 1/8 of their annual budget on conservation but you wont spend a tiny percentage of yours to protect your children and there children!

I do apologise if that went a bit OTT but the guy really pisses me off! Not far behind of course is his lapdog Blair but at least he makes a bit of an effort. At least the UK has cut CO2 emmissions by 34% over the last 10 years!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Goalkeepers... Have they all turned completely mad?

I dont know if anyone else has noticed that in the premiership there seems to be a wave of fundamental errors been made by goalkeepers the bredth of the land! It all started after Roy Carrols huge blunder against tottenham when he droped the ball 2 feet behind his own line. Maybe because it wasb't given other keepers seem to want to find out how far they can push it before they get dropped. What i think is really amazing and a bit unfortunate for the keeper involved is that Chelsea's number 2 keeper Cudicini ia arguabbly better than any other keeper. All the top teams bar chelsea have had major problems with their keepers and i just wanna know what the hells goin on!

**Rics Quiz week 2ish... UPDATE**

After a complaint from some arse i will update questions 1 and 7!
Q1) Longest as in legnth. I agree this was a bit ambiguous now i look at it so i do apologise.

Q7) As for the darts question i presumed that everyone would know a nine dart finish is from 501! you only need 6 darts from 301! Maybe if the questions are too challenging for you YS then you should visit the cbeebies website !

Friday, January 14, 2005

**Rics Quiz Week 2ish**

Hello to all and many apologies for the huge lack of blogging recently, I have had exams and as such have had very little spare time. But anyway i'm back and cant be arsed back blogging so i'll just start with this weeks quiz. The quiz this week has an aquatic theme although there are other questions too. Again the questions will try to be ungoogleable but it aint always possible. Here goes:

Q1) What is the longest known living creature under the sea?

Q2) The blue whale can be heard under water up to how many thousand Km away?

Q3) The Blue whale has a heart approximately the same size as what that you see every day?

Q4) Which animals blood has the ability to clot when it comes into contact with even the smallest amount of microorganisms?

Q5) Which organism produces more oxygen for our planet than any other?

Q6) Which continant has no B's 3 A's and at least 4C's (Think laterally)

Q7) If you wanted a nine dart finish in darts. What is the minimum amount you can through with your first 3 darts?

Q8) Which TV series on sky1 is sponcored by the italian whisky Dissorono?

Q9) When leeds station was been extended several years ago they had to change the name of a platform after several customer complaints. What was the name/Number of the platform and what was the reason it was changed? (2 Marks available)

Q10) On big cat week what was the name of the adolecent leopard?

Ok theres your 10 questions. Again all answers to I apologise for any spelling errors i'm sure there are loads but the spell check on blogger takes toooooooo long. Sorry. Good luck all. And remember its on ongoing leader board.