Friday, January 14, 2005

**Rics Quiz Week 2ish**

Hello to all and many apologies for the huge lack of blogging recently, I have had exams and as such have had very little spare time. But anyway i'm back and cant be arsed back blogging so i'll just start with this weeks quiz. The quiz this week has an aquatic theme although there are other questions too. Again the questions will try to be ungoogleable but it aint always possible. Here goes:

Q1) What is the longest known living creature under the sea?

Q2) The blue whale can be heard under water up to how many thousand Km away?

Q3) The Blue whale has a heart approximately the same size as what that you see every day?

Q4) Which animals blood has the ability to clot when it comes into contact with even the smallest amount of microorganisms?

Q5) Which organism produces more oxygen for our planet than any other?

Q6) Which continant has no B's 3 A's and at least 4C's (Think laterally)

Q7) If you wanted a nine dart finish in darts. What is the minimum amount you can through with your first 3 darts?

Q8) Which TV series on sky1 is sponcored by the italian whisky Dissorono?

Q9) When leeds station was been extended several years ago they had to change the name of a platform after several customer complaints. What was the name/Number of the platform and what was the reason it was changed? (2 Marks available)

Q10) On big cat week what was the name of the adolecent leopard?

Ok theres your 10 questions. Again all answers to I apologise for any spelling errors i'm sure there are loads but the spell check on blogger takes toooooooo long. Sorry. Good luck all. And remember its on ongoing leader board.


Blogger Yorkshire Soul said...

q1) A fish ? Do you mean the one with the greatest longevity ? Rather than the one we have known about for the longest ?

q7) ??? Well what are we starting from you muppet ? 301 ? 501 ?

Really boy, the questions must make some sort of sense if we're going to answer them correctly.

January 14, 2005 at 5:53 PM  

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