Friday, January 21, 2005

**Rics quiz week 2ish...RESULTS**

Ok Ok so these weeks quiz was hard and i presume thats why i lost 33% of my entrants but still those who entered had a valient effort and here are the answers and results:

  1. Lions main Jelly Fish - This jelly fishes tenticles can grow upto 200ft long where the blue whale is on average a mere 109ft
  2. 10,000km - This is the latest information after new studies on tagged whales. Along way i know. Bloody annoying if your only 1km away though!
  3. I will give a mark for car. I was told a people carrier but other sources say different things i will therefore not be too harsh on the marking
  4. The horse shoe crab - Interstingly this animal's blood was used by nasa to make sure all the equipment on the mars missions was free from microorganisms so that the robots didn't get incorrect readings.
  5. Algae - Trees would have been to obvious surly! Infact did you know the most mature trees actually use more oxygen than they produce!
  6. Antarctica - This was a bit of a silly one! The antarctic is actually surrounded by seven different sea's
  7. 151- this leaves you requiring 180 from your next 3 darts and 170 from your last 3.
  8. Las Vegas - Although i have to honest it has just started a new series and the sponcer has changed. Sorry if that confused you.
  9. Wc - Leeds station called there new platform W. Wa and Wb where fine but Wc was always really busy!
  10. Chui - Big cat week is awesome. I really reccomend it to you when it comes back!

So where does that leave the leader board?

  1. Jenna.A 18 points
  2. Sarah.C 15 points
  3. YS 7 points


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