Friday, January 21, 2005

**Rics Quiz week 3**

Here is the 3rd instalment to Rics quiz. Jenna pulled ahead of sarah by another 2 marks last week but its still very close!

Q1) What does GOLF stand for?

Q2) With what 2 hole cards did Phil Helmuth win the main event in the world series of poker?

Q3) Globally what is the most commen form of biome?

Q4) Which American movie star donated $1 million to the tsunami appeal?

Q5) Which is the only country in the word where coca cola is sold but is not the most popular soft drink? For a bonus point what is the most popular drink in that country?

Q6) What where the 2 objects dropped on the 1st visit to the moon to reconstruct a very famous physics experiment?

Q7) In what sport might you get a turkey and what is it? (2marks)

Q7) True of false? If Bill Gates dropped a $100 bill and he had to stop working to pick it up he would lose less if he just left it and walked away?

Q8) Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot run for president of the USA for what reason?

Q9) Robert Crais and Ed Mcbain's books are published by whom?

Q10) The Generous Pionnear pub in Burley is swapping from a Tom Cobleigh to what kind of pub?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You appear to have 2 question 7's

January 24, 2005 at 7:53 PM  

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