Friday, February 11, 2005

Why wont women listen????

Now before I get started I appreciate this may be a touchy subject for some of my readers, so before I continue I suggest if you think you are going to be offended to use the handy back button on your browser. If you do decide to read on I don't expect any nasty comments as you have been warned!!!!

Last night was the taps quiz. I arrived late (as usual) However on my arrival there were 2 rounds to go. The last round is the knock out round. Basically it means that if you get 1 question wrong then you lose all your points from that round, If you get them all right you get an extra bonus 5 points. I knew 2 of the answers, as did Laura and Iz new the answer to the second one. The first question I knew was which ocean does the river Congo flow in to??? ATLANTIC!!!!! I told them. Laura agreed but Jenna and Sarah didn't believe us. I said I was so sure I would put money on it. Laura kindly pointed out I would probably put money on anything put that's another story! I eventually got the girlies to put down the answer, Hooza! Next question....
What colour do Indian brides traditionally wear at their own wedding?? Took a bit of thinking this one. But after thinking back to R.E class and Sunita's wedding in coronation street I concluded it was red. Yes definitely sure it was Red. Iz agreed, Laura thought it sounded right. Sarah and Jenna weren't sure. I was trying to convince them to no avail when the guy started to come round for the answer sheets. The team had done alright but I thought that we needed all the points we could get if we were to have any chance. But then I couldn't believe what happened next.... Not only did Jenna not put red down she crossed out Atlantic, quickly handed in the sheet and sat down!!!!! Now I know I wasn't there for long put it is a team effort is it not??? If 2/3 members of the team are pretty happy with the answer then surly it should go down. Sarah and Jenna were so stubborn it was just annoying. If I didn't need a lift home off Jenna I might have said something!

Incidently both answers were right. We should of had 43 instead of 41!! It didn't really matter in the end though as 3rd place had 46! However it's a matter of principle!!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

**Ric's Review - FILM - Assult on precinct 13**

Ethan Hawk and Laurence Fishburne head this line up for a film based around a Detroit Gang leader, Bishop (Fishburne). Bishop is held in precinct 13 which is due to close forever at 12 midnight. He and several other prisinors are held there however after poor weather disrupts their transport van. Without ruining the plot too much a group of armed men try to storm the under staffed precinct, led by Ethan hawk (An old under cover agent disturbed by the loss of his team 8 months earlier), in an attempt to reach Bishop. Of course there is all sorts of corruption within the police and i have to say i found the whole film a little predictable. There wasn't any special effects to talk of really and the plot didn't really make that much sence. The whole film was full of typical OTT yanks sending 30 men when 1 would do! There are certainly better things out at the moment!

Rics Star Rating **

Quiz Results Week 4

Now then as you all know this week could have been very interesting. However even with a record number of entrants the the names at the top of the board stay the same! How boring! Both Jenna and Sarah only bet 5 points. However i have added a twist to this weeks quiz. As far as this quiz goes i make the rules! And because of that i am afraid that this week there are some penalty points to give out!

  1. -1 Point to Sarah C for liking me to a sad middle age loser! (no offence mike!)
  2. -2 Points to Sarah C for telling people she was carried down the hill because she hurt her ankle! It was because she moaned all the way!

I'm not going to post all the unique questions but if you do want to get them just email me. So... Without further ado here is this weeks leader board.

  1. Jenna 35
  2. Sarah C 34
  3. YS 14
  4. Rachel 10

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Me and Taxi Drivers

This weekend i ventured into Leeds on saturday night with my mate Ellie. And a very good night it was to. That is untill it came to getting home. Having been rather drunak and missing the last train, a taxi home was the only option. I have to admit standing in the queue for a taxi for over an hour does sober you up a bit. We managed to get a jeer going for singletons taking a taxi for themselves. Why dont you share??? Its quicker for everyone else and cheaper for you? Anyway back to the point. When we jumped into our taxi and asked for the price to Ben Rydding he said £25. I know its a bit pricy but its about fair and i agreed. Then came a bomb shell. The conversation went something like this:

Ric "Can you drop me off in burley please mate?"
Taxi " Thats £30 now then!"
Ric "WHAT?"
Taxi "Yea i gotta make another stop in'it!"
Ric " Yea but its on the way...I live on the main road!"

Taxi driver pulls up somewhere in Leeds turns round

Taxi "Look you wanna taxi or not its £30 coz i'd usually go on the by-pass?"
Ellie " Ric just leave it i wanna get home!"

Ric ignores this request to back down

Ric "Listen mate its 4 in the bloody morning, you think your gonna get stuck behind traffic??? I tell u what i've taken a note of your number and the fact you work for Leeds taxi's so how about this? You go on the by-pass and just drop me off at the roundabout? If your reallly that stubborn you dont have to stop just let it roll slowly and i will jump out!"

Taxi " alright, Alright"
Ric (whispered) "Tosser"
Taxi (shout) " What was that???"
Ric "oh nothing c'mon i wanna get home"

Ellie had lost her cash card in leeds and so i had to give her the money for the taxi. I was worried that she might of crumbled after i got out but she didn't and all was well.

As a follow up to the incident i rang leeds taxi's to ask for their polocies on charging people for extra stops. Although the reply came in a roundabout way i finally discovered that Leeds taxi's only charge extra if the stop is deemed to add significant time or distance onto the journey. Although the price of these stops is up to the descretion of the taxi driver for private hire the price is not fixed. I complained about Taxi number 180 and they said we apologise for this and i hope you use leeds taxi's again. The thing is though i'm gonna have to. I rang ilkley taxi's to pick us up and they said they needed a deposit paying in their office the day before!!

I have finally decided that if you get in a taxi and he asks forthe money upfront only pay him half. Last time i was coming back from leeds and we all stopped off for a piss he drove off with our bloody money. It does however make me feel less guilty when i run away from them without paying!