Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Me and Taxi Drivers

This weekend i ventured into Leeds on saturday night with my mate Ellie. And a very good night it was to. That is untill it came to getting home. Having been rather drunak and missing the last train, a taxi home was the only option. I have to admit standing in the queue for a taxi for over an hour does sober you up a bit. We managed to get a jeer going for singletons taking a taxi for themselves. Why dont you share??? Its quicker for everyone else and cheaper for you? Anyway back to the point. When we jumped into our taxi and asked for the price to Ben Rydding he said £25. I know its a bit pricy but its about fair and i agreed. Then came a bomb shell. The conversation went something like this:

Ric "Can you drop me off in burley please mate?"
Taxi " Thats £30 now then!"
Ric "WHAT?"
Taxi "Yea i gotta make another stop in'it!"
Ric " Yea but its on the way...I live on the main road!"

Taxi driver pulls up somewhere in Leeds turns round

Taxi "Look you wanna taxi or not its £30 coz i'd usually go on the by-pass?"
Ellie " Ric just leave it i wanna get home!"

Ric ignores this request to back down

Ric "Listen mate its 4 in the bloody morning, you think your gonna get stuck behind traffic??? I tell u what i've taken a note of your number and the fact you work for Leeds taxi's so how about this? You go on the by-pass and just drop me off at the roundabout? If your reallly that stubborn you dont have to stop just let it roll slowly and i will jump out!"

Taxi " alright, Alright"
Ric (whispered) "Tosser"
Taxi (shout) " What was that???"
Ric "oh nothing c'mon i wanna get home"

Ellie had lost her cash card in leeds and so i had to give her the money for the taxi. I was worried that she might of crumbled after i got out but she didn't and all was well.

As a follow up to the incident i rang leeds taxi's to ask for their polocies on charging people for extra stops. Although the reply came in a roundabout way i finally discovered that Leeds taxi's only charge extra if the stop is deemed to add significant time or distance onto the journey. Although the price of these stops is up to the descretion of the taxi driver for private hire the price is not fixed. I complained about Taxi number 180 and they said we apologise for this and i hope you use leeds taxi's again. The thing is though i'm gonna have to. I rang ilkley taxi's to pick us up and they said they needed a deposit paying in their office the day before!!

I have finally decided that if you get in a taxi and he asks forthe money upfront only pay him half. Last time i was coming back from leeds and we all stopped off for a piss he drove off with our bloody money. It does however make me feel less guilty when i run away from them without paying!


Blogger Jenna said...

grrrr i hate taxi drivers...they charge whatever they want - in ilkley absolutely none of them have meters - they've charged up to £5 to take me 2 my house from town. i never feel safe in them they drive like maniacs. my sister won't even go in them on her own cos of a bad experience.

February 2, 2005 at 7:35 PM  

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