Saturday, March 19, 2005


Hello and sorry for the distinct lack of blogging over the last few weeks! I cant be bothered with an in depth happenings of the last 8 weeks so I'll just give you a brief overview.

After the last post and subsequent argument I did indeed nearly loose a lot of friends, but then it just got funny! phew!! Main event was my 18th B'day(15th Feb)!!!! On the day me and the rest of my family played golf down at Ilkley golf Club and a meal after. The meal was very nice (thanks YS)! Sarah took me down to London for the weekend where I also did a bungee jump!!! Hell fire that was scary but also really good fun! I also had my B'day party at the Craiglands with Amy,Elia,Belly and Shaun! The night was a real success (I think) until some tosser intent on a fight started one! Party ended soon after!

I also got my As Resit marks. Got full marks in one of the geog papers so got up to an A. My grades now stand at 2A's, 1B and 1C! Not looking forward to the A2's and school is still shit!

I got a new job at the crescent hotel now I'm 18 which is quite good fun. I have also got a storecard, credit card, been to the casino, Drunk legally and am contemplating any thing else I can do now I'm 18!

I have also very recently deided to leave work at ilkley golf club. I made the decision for a number of reasons including the impending A2 exams and my job at the cresent. I enjoyed working at IGC with everyone there (except rachel...she smells). I'm sure YS will call me soon though... He cant bear to be without me!

I think that will do for now! I'll catch up with you later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not smell!

April 26, 2005 at 9:32 AM  
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